Gala for the Grove

Birch Grove Community School regrets to announce that it will be canceling the 10th annual Gala for the Grove. The laughter and sense of community that this event brings will be sorely missed at a time when it is greatly needed. The Gala is not only a spirited community gathering, but it is the school’s largest and most successful fundraising event, essential to supporting the school’s annual budget. This cancellation, unfortunately, will result in a loss of needed revenue for our school. 

It is our hope that, even though we will not meet face to face this year, you will still be able to support our school by donating what you are able. Whether it is a full sponsorship, a partial sponsorship, the price of a ticket, or simply a small donation, we will be grateful. Those that donate to this Phantom gala will have a listing on the Gala page on the school website and will receive a toast at the 2021 Gala. Cheers! 

Gala 2021? Yes, we are already working on the Gala for the Grove 2021. This 2021 event will take place on Saturday, May 15, 2021, with a new and exciting twist. This Gala will have a masquerade theme! At this semi-formal event, you will just add a mask to your evening attire. How fun! You have a whole year to find a mask that is just right for you. Be creative, and let your personality shine through! We can’t wait to see what you come up with! 

At the last Gala, we announced that the 10th Annual would be the last and that we would create a new event to take its place. However, we heard and listened, many of you ask that we continue with the Gala for the Grove. We agree and have committed to continuing with the Gala, but we will be creating themes and new twists to keep it exciting. Thank you for letting us know how much you love this event. 

We wish you and yours well until we meet again at the Gala for the Grove 2021 Masquerade. We hope that you can support our school in the meantime. 

Thank you all and see you in 2021!

2020 Phantom Gala Sponsors & Donators


  • Lisa Hemp
  • Grand Marais State Bank - Tofte Branch
  • Rodney Young
  • Tofte General Store


  • Alan Netland
  • Brian and Kathleen Linnell
  • Bruce and Sheryl Martinson
  • Colleen Lamb
  • Cynthia Donek
  • Dale and Teresa Patterson
  • Ken and Nancy Netland
  • Nancy and John Koloski
  • Pat and Patricia McCann
  • Sarena Nelson and Sam Crowley


  • Cleveland Cliffs
  • Dave and Christine Rozek
  • John and Shirley Heinzen
  • Lloyd Chase
  • North Shore Federal Credit Union
  • Charles Speiker
  • Chuck and Mary VanDoren

Other Amount

  • John and Marvel Godin - $200
  • Judy Gregg - $100
  • Paul Renneisen - $75

Birch Grove Community School is a non-profit 501(c)3. Please read the following concerning tax deductions. 

$75 tickets to this event are not tax-deductible, as the value of the appetizers, champagne, meal, wine, desert, and venue are equal to/more than the ticket price. 

Sponsorships: Tickets come with sponsorships. Deduct $75 per ticket from your sponsorship cost. The remainder is tax-deductible. 

Donated items for raffle/auction: Individuals and businesses that donate an item for the gala will receive a receipt/thank you. This receipt/thank will document the item donated ($100 gift card, vase, black dirt, basket of wine, etc.). Birch Grove Community School does not place a value on the item donated on the receipt/thank you. Those who donate are responsible for determining what the value of the donation is for tax deduction purposes. Please consult with your tax expert.

Auction Items Won: Auction items won are not necessarily tax-deductible, as you are receiving goods for your money. The value of each auction item is listed at the gala. If you pay more than the value of the item, this may be tax-deductible. Please discuss this with your tax consultant, as Birch Grove Community School does not give tax advice, nor is the school an authority on the subject.

Are you interested in being a sponsor to this event?


  • $1,000.00 sponsorship includes six tickets
  • $500.00 sponsorship includes four tickets
  • $250.00 sponsorship includes two tickets

We will acknowledge all sponsors the evening of the event.